Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

Fastest Design Inc. has a stringent privacy policy, and we ensure the complete secrecy of our client’s information. Due to the nature of work, we collect various business information, but we are committed not to share any of our client’s data. Our secure system keeps all the client’s data safe and confidential.

Information Collection

The data collected from our client is secured and kept confidential. Either client provides us data through email or via order query form of our website, the data is encrypted and kept secure. Further, we do not provide/sell the data of our clients to any third party.

At the initial stage, necessary information is collected such as contact details, address, nature of business point of contact, etc. Simultaneously, the project brief is also collected to outline the layout of the project.

Afterward, technical and creative details are collected such as target market, location of the business, systems details for the website or mobile application, SEO requirements, etc. All this information is collected via our account manager from the client.

After completion of the project or during the process of the project, the client may provide any details, feedbacks, comments, or complaints.

Usage Of Collected Information

The sole purpose of collecting the information is to make projects a success as this data allows our team to design customized and creative solutions as per the need of the client. Furthermore, billing information helps us in our payment process.

Email and phone numbers are the primary sources of connection with the client, and all the required information is sought through these means of communication.

Furthermore, we also communicate our products, promotional offers, and updates of our business via email address to our clients, so they are always up to date.

The data also helps us in devising our marketing strategies for our products and services as it gives us the insights of customers. Furthermore, the data also helps us in improving our performance.

Privacy Of Payments

Keeping in mind the chances of frauds and to eliminate the risk of this, we ensure secured transaction systems that are encrypted, and all the information is kept secret with the help of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Furthermore, to facilitate clients, we accept payments from multiple sources. All the billing data and payment details are kept confidential. Fastest Design Inc. does not provide or sell any of its clients’ confidential data to any third party.


Confidentiality is surely a serious concern and we are fully aware of the fact and this is why we never compromise over the confidentiality of our clients’ information.

We use your personal information in order to keep in touch with you so that we can have smooth communication about the order process. Therefore, your entire information like name, billing address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax, etc. is treated as confidential and saved at a secure location which is accessible by the designated members only ensuring that it stays safe and there is no threat of its being stolen or hacked. We reassure that your personal information will never be released to any third party in any circumstances until you allow or we are forced by law.


To keep ourselves up to date with cybersecurity, we may amend our privacy policy. However, to keep our customers up to date and to maintain transparency, we will communicate any changes made in our policies in advance.

Conditions Of Information Disclosure

We promise to never sell or exchange our clients’ information with any third party until and unless we are forced by any law agency to do so. In this case, only required details as per court orders will be provided to the authorities.

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In case of any query, confusion, or clarification of our privacy policy, feel free to contact us via email, call or contact us form. We are always available to answer your queries.

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