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How We Design Your Bespoke Logo
– Easy 5 Steps

  • 01


    Research is the foundation of a custom logo. We dig deep and connect the dots to design an attractive logo. The nature of your business, the services you are offering must be relevant to the logo, and for this purpose, we have to do day-long research.

  • 02


    After completing the research process, our professional designers get the raw picture of your logo. They have already crafted the picture-perfect in their minds. Now they start the process and innovatively design the logo.

  • 03


    Our design team creates the logo and forwards it to the clients. It is an incomplete picture and provides a great idea of how the logo will look once finished. The creative department also makes the necessary amendments as per the instructions of clients.

  • 04


    After you receive the initial logo concepts, you will tell us what you think works, what needs changing. This may include fonts, colors, and designs. We will be happy to assist you with whatever may require attention.

  • 05


    After the revision, we seal the deal. Now we submit the final logo to clients. Fastest Design Inc. s never late and always delivers within the decided timings.

A logo designed for your business, as per your requirements.

Our design team works tirelessly to design the perfect logo for your business, exactly as you see it in your mind. It will be unique and will represent your business as you want it to. At Fastest, you get you what you pay for.

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What you receive

Upon completing your logo, we provide you with all of the final formats as per your package, colors, and fonts you will need to promote your business logo across all platforms.

  • Your final files

    After project completion, you will receive your logo's final files within 24hrs via zip file attachment. Final files comprise of all the original file formats, fonts, and color codes used in the designs; this enables you to reproduce your designs quickly for later use. We provide you with all types of file formats and can be used for any kind of reproduction on any computer.

  • High Quality files

    You can rest guaranteed that all of the files delivered to you will be of top quality. All file formats will be editable and print-ready files with high quality. You can redesign the logo in any design without any fear of your design being pixelating. File formats will include fonts, colors as well, so you can change the design respectively.

  • Colors

    We deliver both CMYK and RGB color codes with all packages to assure you get accurate color matches. These are the two most popular color systems that enable you to quickly reproduce your design by any printer, indicating you can avoid any additional fees to match the logo color.

  • True type fonts

    To empower you to print or redesign your logo, we provide you with true type fonts printed precisely the way they appear on the screen and can be resized to any height or width you prefer. Having the same font files makes it very simple to reproduce it for any printer, website design, or promotional material.

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